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AtarUp provides one-on-one private tutoring to students across the North Shore of Sydney to ensure students maximise their HSC marks

– Our Mission –

To help students achieve beyond their academic potential


Why choose us? 

Located in the heart of Sydney’s North Shore, our company offers one-on-one tutoring to ensure students engage in and understand theory in a way that reduces cognitive load and facilitates learning.


Having all our tutors graduate in the last two years sets the perfect balance for them to be able to empathise with the students whilst being able to pass on their own expertise & experience and guide them to their success.


Our tutors specialises in pinpointing each student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to create individualised study programs that work best for them.



Subjects we offer


Year 5 – Year 10 Maths

General Maths

Advanced Maths

Extension 1 Maths

Extension 2 Maths


Year 5 – Year 10 English

Standard English

Advanced English

Extension 1 English

Extension 2 English








Preliminary Economics

HSC economics




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